Jun 12, 2019

Passport photos taken at your home, and how does it work.

If you are unable or unwilling to travel for your photography appointment, I can visit your home or another requested location with my compact studio gear and produce equally high-quality photographs. All photos will be taken and printed in accordance with the UK and the International Passport & Visa Requirements and conform to the new internationally agreed Biometric Standards.

How does it work? On my arrival, all I would need is a plain white wall in a space 3x2 square meters or bigger where I'll be able to set up my camera, flashlight and a reflector. We will then take as many shots as you like until you feel pleased with the result. Your selected image will be edited and sent to your email address the same day while the set of prints will be delivered to your door by a recorded letter soon after.

In-Home Passport, Visa & other application photography appointments cost £125 and include photo session at your requested location, 1 photograph of your choice in digital format + set of 6 prints. BOOK HERE

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