Behind the scenes, opinions & visual inspirations


  • Product photography for Aaron Hales | British Luxury Design Studio

    Last month I had the great pleasure to work with Aaron Hales, a British textile designer whose collection of silk scarves is rooted firmly in the philosophies of the Aesthetic Movement and the Arts and Crafts focus on nature and simplicity of form.

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  • Photographing ceramics for Atlantica Table

    Product photogrpahy for Atlantica Table, a ceramic label inspired by aesthetics of the Atlantic coastline.

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  • Podcast production

    Podcast production for the Freud Museum London.

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  • Covid Signage - design & production

    Reopening signage and coronavirus safety printed graphics for museums, galleries and cultural institutions.

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  • Photographing at Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology.

    Last week I was commissioned to photograph a few items from the collection of Petrie Museum. The images consequently are going to be used in an exhibition catalogue.

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