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Photography for the Creative Industry

This London based talent agency established by Jonathan Arun promotes talent across film, television, theatre, musical theatre and commercials. My collaboration with Jonathan Arun started in 2013 and since then I’ve been providing his clients with studio and outdoor portrait photography to support their online portfolios and casting applications. 

In the highly competitive performing arts industry striking headshot that stands out is the actor's most important calling card and a potential ticket to the desired career. I am proud to be part of the success of each of Jonathan Arun’s clients, to mention only a few, such as Jack Rowan (Born to Kill), Victor Oshin (Othello), or Toby Alexander Smith (Eastenders).

Actor Headshots

Quote from Jason Halsey

I have worked extensively with Karolina Heller since 2013, through my marketing company HUNCH and the talent agency JAG. The seven years collaborating is testament itself to the brilliance and expertise that Karolina produces. Her ability to interpret a brief and deliver beyond my expectations is like gold dust. Alternatively Karolina’s creative ability means she has equally delivered engaging concepts and great ideas for multiple markets and projects, in fashion, entertainment, arts and commerce…! With her breadth of understanding, knowledge and talent, Karolina's creativity excels in any sector.

One of the key aspects to Karolina’s strength is her ability to put people at ease, she is a wonderful communicator and the clients that I have commissioned Karolina to work with have always be incredibly vocal about how much they have enjoyed working with her.

Thank you Karolina Heller, we look forward to many more years of creating together.

Jason Halsey Director at HUNCH | Marketing and Communications Director at JAG.

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