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Treadwell's Books

E-Commerce Photography & Moving Image

London’s Occult Bookstore

Founded in 2003 by Christina Oakley Harrington, Treadwell’s Books is one of the most famous occult bookstores in the world. It offers the finest esoteric literature, rare old collectables, tarot readings, and a rich program of events and lectures series for students of the occult, magic and witchcraft.

My collaboration with Treadwell’s started in 2015 and since then I've been providing the store with in-situ photography of books, rare and quirky ritual suppliers, store interiors, portraiture for the staff and events for Treadwell’s Books’ website and social media channels.

Online shop photography | Treadwell's

Portrait photography of Treadwell's team

Quote from Christina Harrington

Karolina has been Treadwell's go-to photographer and videographer since 2014, doing our promotional videos, staff portraits, website photographs, as well as product images for our online shop. We chose her photographs to showcase Treadwell's in Do You Read Me, a recent art book of the world's most beautiful bookshops. She's a joy to work with: professional, reliable, accommodating, and a great communicator who really listens to what the client wants.

Christina Harrington Managing Director


Tutorials & How to?

If you want to learn how to use a sage smudge, do candle magic, use a pendulum or burn loose incense, these short instructional videos prepared by Christina Oakley Harrington are what you need. To elevate the Treadwell’s unique brand, I decided to film in the shop's warm interiors. The atmospheric and welcoming character of the place was captured with the application of continuous modelling, low-key lights and reflectors. These short ‘how-to’ videos were produced specifically for the new website launched in 2019.


How to use a Sage smudge | How to do Candle magic | How to use a Pendulum | How to burn loose incense | video production | © Treadwell's Books

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