Case Study

The Foundling Museum


For Central London’s Foundling Hospital

The Foundling Museum attracts visitors fascinated by the art, history and culture of London. I was commissioned by the museum team to capture photographs and produce digital media to enhance the story behind the beautiful 18th-century interiors and collections. I used classic art and heritage photography techniques to capture interior views, architectural details and collections for the museum’s website and social media channels along with product photos for the Foundling Museum’s shop.

The interior | The Foundling Museum

Tokens | The Foundling Museum Collection


E-Commerce Photography

Since The Foundling Museum shop does not operate as an online shop, the marketing team wanted to curate a set of imagery that encouraged customers to visit in person. I was commissioned to produce product photographs of a variety of souvenirs, gifts, accessories and prints including exclusive Hetty Feather merchandise. To keep with the customers’ intrigue, the fashion and stationery items were curated and arranged in flat lay compositions and photographed from above.

Online shop | The Foundling Museum


Video production

The Foundling Museum - video impression

Video presentation of The Foundling Museum with an addition of introductory text | video production | © The Foundling Museum, London

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