Case Study

Leaving Today | Exhibition

Design, photography & animation

Exhibition Production

Curated by Julia Hoffbrand, the exhibition Leaving Today: the Freuds in Exile 1938 was one of the most successful Freud Museum shows in recent years. On this occasion, I worked closely with the curatorial team to render the content for 2D graphics and 3D installation and collaborated with the front of house to plan the implementation of displays in the museum with minimum disruption to its interiors. 

Taking part in all stages of the creative process included photo restoration, photography of documents and 3D objects, graphic design of exhibition panels, promotional materials, social media graphics and the exhibition catalogue. I also produced an exhibition trailer for the marketing team using photography animation, captured installation shots and documented the exhibition's Private View.

Exhibition panels' design

Photo Restoration, Photography & Graphics

Exhibition Catalogue Design

What makes a great exhibition catalogue? Is it the quality of the reproductions, the research the book presents, the look and feel of the physical product or the way it encourages an understanding and appreciation of the subject?

While working on Leaving Today catalogue I was handling photo restoration, photography of documents and 3D objects from the Sigmund Freud collection, and creation of an engaging layout in accord with accessibility guidelines and Freud Museum’s house style.

Collection photography

Exhibition catalogue design

Exhibition trailer

Leaving Today - the Freuds in Exile 1938 exhibition trailer | photography animation, sound design and text | © Freud Museum London

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